What services should scaling small businesses outsource?

Less than 15% of business owners and managers admit that they feel like they’re not spending valuable time on the activities that really matter (BigCommerce, 2020). As the business world gets more aggressive by the day, it’s time to reconsider the “I can do it all by myself” mentality and get a load off your back. 

The top services that have brought success to companies that decided to outsource are: 

1. Marketing 

Considering the constant evolvement of Digital Marketing nowadays, it is vital for a business to be up to date and use the latest Marketing tools and be visible online. In most cases, it’s not feasible to have an in-house full-time Marketing team dealing with social media, PR, web design, etc.  

2. Information Technology (IT) 

Apart from saving costs, using outside vendors or cloud solutions to manage your IT operations makes you more agile and provides flexibility for your business, as well as reduces maintenance costs significantly.  

3. Human Resources 

It has been proven that hiring freelancers and pros, gives the company a competitive advantage  which automatically means there is no shortage of skilled labor for hire. Outsourcing enables your business to scale accordingly, especially staffing needs based on a particular project.  

4. Accounting/Finance 

Based on recent research, passing this task off to the experts or helpful payroll software has decreased costs (up to 18%) and increased compliance.  

5. Logistics 

By outsourcing logistics, your business can save some time to focus on selling and merchandising. By handing over warehousing and delivery activities to third-party providers not only will you lower overall spend, but you will also improve customer service. 

6. Customer support/ Back office  

Outsourcing your sales to a contact center can give you that extra power to handle customer calls. Cloud-based services or shared-agent solutions may be more affordable options.  

In short, outsourcing can be a smart strategy for expanding your business capabilities while also keeping a focus on your core competencies.  

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Author: Bardha Ajvazi, Project Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist 

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