Who We Are

We are the first Digital Factory in Kosovo.

The Faktory Group was born from the international entrepreneurial experience of professionals specialized in online marketing and massive digital productions for SME markets. Together with its partners, The Faktory Group supports the digitalization of small, medium, and large companies. .

In a constantly expanding cultural and economic context we have created a pole of excellence called "Digital Production HUB" able to support companies in the rationalization and optimization of production flows and processes related to digital products and services.

Our value lines

We deal with mass digital production and services in white-label or smart-outsourcing according to factory-based production models focused on process modeling and constant quality control during delivery.

Thanks to a performance-oriented approach, we create a controlled, scalable, and sustainable growth path with our customers.

Why Kosovo?

A Qualified and Dynamic Youth

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe and a level of education comparable to Western and American standards, as well as widespread digital skills.

Advantageous Economic Conditions

It is the ideal country for quality outsourcing with highly competitive prices on the market.

Economic and political stability

Kosovo has recently reformed its legal system, has a stable banking system and uses the euro as official currency.

Strategic Geographical Position

It is located in the heart of Europe and is a one hour flight from Milan and Berlin and less than three hours from London.

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