Sales Evolution Support

We help accelerate and optimize our customer sales flows by introducing new touchpoints, people, and technologies to support the company's existing networks and business activities.
We start prospecting activities on a defined target by activating inbound and outbound channels.
Through digital channels and proprietary software, we launch lead generation and lead nurturing activities.
Our telephone appointment service qualifies and educates the client, allowing the company's sales network to focus on commercial activities.
Sales evolution support activities are flanked by the pre-existing sales network, providing services of targeting and prospecting, outbound campaigns for appointment taking, telephone and upsell sales, lead generation, lead nurturing, and marketing automation.

Main Services

Sales performance acceleration

Appointment Activities

Telephone appointments for commercial networks

  • • Cold Calling Campaigns
  • • Upsell Campaigns
  • • Upgrading of Contacts
  • • Sending Promotional Material
  • • Commercial Agendas Management
  • • Telephone Reminders and Follow-ups

B2B Database

Profiled and updated B2B database for targeted campaigns

  • • Aggregation Sources
  • • Data Normalization
  • • Targeting and Clustering
  • • Digital Presence Status
  • • Gap Analysis
  • • Strategic Insights

Lead Generation

Lead generation and management activities on digital channels and platforms

  • • Online Prospecting
  • • Funnel Design
  • • Media Buying
  • • Landing Pages
  • • CRO Activities
  • • Tracking and Analytics
  • • Dynamic Retargeting
  • • Lead Nurturing
  • • Marketing Automation Integration

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