Omnichannel Customer Service

We offer multilingual and multi-channel customer services for timely and competent customer caring in all possible touch-points and five different languages.
We monitor inbound and outbound channels on time and manage online reviews on the various platforms to provide timely responses and to consolidate the company's reputation.
We use a technological ecosystem equipped with trouble-ticketing tools, a constantly evolving knowledge base, and a control and monitoring dashboard.
Finally, the analysis of KPIs and the surveys carried out on a sample basis allow us to monitor the service level and the general and individual operator performance in a perspective of continuous optimization.

Main Services

Strengthen the relationship with customers

Inbound Customer Service

Incoming management of customer service requests on different channels

  • • Telephone Assistance
  • • Email Support
  • • Web Chat Support
  • • Whatsapp Assistance
  • • Assistance on Social Media Channels

Online Reviews Management

Online Reputation Monitoring and Management on all touchpoints

  • • Multichannel Monitoring Reviews
  • • First-level Moderation
  • • Reporting Requests
  • • Reputation Analyses
  • • Qualitative Feedback Collection

Remote Assistance

Remote management of activities traditionally located in the company

  • • Virtual Secretariat
  • • Virtual Receptionist
  • • Remote Help Desk
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Document Management
  • • Accounting & Administration
  • • Reporting Activities

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