What is a Digital Factory?

The term “digital production” refers to the process by which creative ideas and assets (images, text and interactive apps) are transformed into a display of digital media (web sites, banner ads, HTML emails, mobile and social media applications) – so that the most accurate messages are delivered through the most relevant channel at the right time to the right people. In short, the main goal of a Digital Factory is to bring creative concepts to life and as a result, increase the ROI. 🎯

Previously, companies used mostly in-house creative teams/ ad agencies to deal with production. However, considering the dynamic evolution in this field and thus the greater technical complexity, businesses are hiring skilled Digital Production (or Digital Factory as we like to say) teams that are on top of all leading practices.

Another factor is that experienced Digital Production teams have automated and scalable production models and communication processes – which isn’t the case with most ad agencies. Thus, all these factors impact the overall cost-savings and quality assurance.

In short, we all know that in this century the emergence of budget allocation to the digital world has risen; thus we emphasize that Digital Production is a critical factor for businesses today.

Learn how your business can immediately begin to reduce costs and increase the ROI through our Digital Factory. 👉

Author: Bardha Ajvazi, Project Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

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