Building your brand during uncertain times

Did you know that the best time to invest in building your brand is during uncertain times?
Usually, in times of uncertainty, similarly to the current outbreak situation, businesses tend to stop operations and cut on spending to survive. In these cases, the marketing budget is the first to get reduced amongst others. But research shows that the opposite is true, and it has been proven that managers can invest this time and resources to build their brand and review and adapt the company’s marketing strategy for more successful outcomes.
The principles that brands can reflect during these times are:

Uncertainty will automatically affect customer confidence, thus we have to be careful in delivering promises even in difficult situations such as now. People will be stressed about potentially losing their jobs and finances.

The questions that you should be making right now are: Is your brand relevant today? Is your brand up to date with the latest developments in your industry? Are you managing the anxieties of the moment, offering value, convenience?
A purposeful brand reflects on its relationship with consumers and relates closely to their lives.

This is the right time to show your consumers that your brand thinks differently when compared to the competition, by sharing the company vision and values – what makes your brand stand out from others. Provide people with insights that they didn’t know they needed, but actually can’t live without.

Human resources:
In order to be successful in maintaining healthy consumer relationships, employees need to be rewarded and engaged in communicating brand confidence. This way, positive employees result in positive consumer experiences.

To sum up, brand managers should make use of uncertain times to build their brand and reflect on their strategy in order to guarantee consumer satisfaction in the long-run.

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Author: Bardha Ajvazi, Project Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

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