Why we shouldn’t procrastinate during an outbreak

For some organizations, this is the first “dark-time” that they are experiencing since the beginning of their operations. However, it is important to understand that during these circumstances, communication must not only continue but intensify and be carried strategically, for the following main reasons:

✔️ Showing support – People need to see that we are calm partners who encourage, support and give optimism whenever possible while also being realistic.

✔️ Effective Communication – It is the most important time for people to see who we are and what we stand for; thus, the method and nature of our communications matter. We should be strategic and wise in how we send out messages to our audiences and bear in mind that it’s not the right time to exploit the situation for direct selling.

✔️ Plan for the future – We should also consider to evaluate current practices and plan to sustain them, whether they are standard practices or business continuity. Better planning always leads to more effective results.

Don’t forget to stay home and protect yourselves and loved ones! 🏠

Author: Bardha Ajvazi, Project Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

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