Why Outsource to Kosovo?

In recent years, outsourcing has increased significantly mainly because of the advancement in technology and competitive business environment. One might ask, what is outsourcing? In short, outsourcing is hiring external competent people to do the work instead of doing it in-house.

Until now, outsourcing was practiced mainly to reduce costs, however today considering the rapid advancements in technology, outsourcing is seen as a major strategic tool that may transform the global economy.

Relating to this vital fact and trend, Kosovo has emerged as one of Europe’s top Geo-locations for global sourcing, specifically for the following reasons:

👉 A Qualified and Dynamic Youth
Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe and a level of education comparable to Western and American standards, as well as widespread digital skills.
👉 Advantageous Economic Conditions
It is the ideal Country for quality outsourcing with highly competitive prices on the market.
👉 Economic and Political Stability
Kosovo has recently reformed its legal system, has a stable banking system and uses the Euro as official currency.
👉 Strategic Geographical Position
It is located in the heart of Europe and is a one hour flight from Milan and Berlin and less than three hours from London.

Thinking of outsourcing your digital production in Kosovo? Let’s arrange a call and discover growth opportunities for your business today. 📈

Author: Bardha Ajvazi, Project Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

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